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Why Google Ads Are Effective For Dentists

Where do you go when you have a question? If you answered Google, you’re most likely not alone. Google searches happen at a rate of nearly 40,000 searches per second and provide results for billions of searches per day. The ability to reach your customers is unparalleled, no other platform comes close to the intent-based reach Google Ads will be able to provide your practice. 


To create and publish search ads on Google Ads, users bid on keywords or phrases that they want to show up for when someone searches for that specific keyword. Ads with the highest bids, most relevance, and best quality score show up when the keyword is searched.


Google Ads are intent based, meaning the user is already looking for your services. This is an extremely valuable asset as it allows you to get in front of customers at the moment in which they are looking for what you offer. Other valuable features of Google Ads include: 


  • Location targeting that will allow you to reliably find customers in your area. You can expect to generate new customers as someone looking for your services in their area is very likely to search Google for service providers close to home. 


  • Helpful extensions to give more information about your business. Extensions help increase your click through rate and can provide potential customers with more information such as a phone number, address or specific services you offer.  


  • How specific or broad you decide to target your keywords is up to you. You can spend your efforts bidding on keywords directly related to your business, or, you can decide to keep your campaigns broader to enhance the overall brand awareness for your business within your local market. The choice is yours.


Everyone wants to be on the front page of Google, as being there will substantially increase your web traffic and brand awareness. SEO is great, but it requires a lot of time and effort to see your website rank on the first page, however, with Google Ads you can infiltrate the market quickly by getting to the top of the search results page at a much faster rate. 


Google Ads can be a great way to attract potential leads as it allows you to connect with users at the moment in which they are searching. Although competitive, a first page ad can provide huge return on investment.


If you need help setting up a Google Ads campaign for your practice, contact 12 Sparks Media to talk to one of our Google Ads experts and learn how we can generate more leads for you today.