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How To Find New Dental Patients Online

Attracting patients can be a challenging task for dentists. Depending on your location, there is often a multitude of dentists diluting the patient pool; you are all fighting for the same prospective patients.

In the digital age it becomes extra important to have a strong online presence if you wish to attract these prospective leads and separate yourself from the competition. You are most likely offering many of the same services as your competition, so finding ways to stand out via your digital strategy can make all the difference if you are looking to become the industry leader in your area. 

Below, we have outlined some tips to help you attract new patients online:

Claim All Of Your Business Pages and Directories

Most potential patients will be searching for your services online, making it a necessity to claim all of your business pages and directories. Some platforms like Yelp, create automatic business pages and store them in their directory. 

By taking control of the page you gain control of the content that is shown to your audience. You can fill the page with the vital information on your business (such as services and contact information), so that interested parties can find the information they desire. This will help extend the reach of your business.

Create a Mobile Optimized Website

People like to be able to do their research before making a decision and the first place they will look for information is your website. Making sure you have a sleek and well-designed website is vital to attracting potential clients to your practice. Make sure you have all the vital information that potential patients would want to know. Mobile traffic is continuing to increase, so ensuring your website is responsive to a variety of devices will ensure that the user experience remains great. 

To ensure that your website is getting seen, make sure it is optimized with targeted keywords so that you have a higher potential of showing up in search results. 

Step Up Your Social Media Presence To Stand Out From The Crowd

A majority of the population has at least one social media account. In today’s digital age, it is vital to make sure you have a strong social media presence to attract patients into your practice. 

Using these platforms to send out strategic marketing messages can be extremely helpful to your practice. You can also use these platforms to inform your audience and share additional content from your business. Consider highlighting what is unique about your practice to draw attention to what makes you different from competitors and help solidify your growing brand.

Want to learn more about how you can attract potential patients online? Contact 12 Sparks Media for additional information.