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How 12 Sparks & Our Clients Are Responding To COVID-19


COVID-19 has theoretically changed life as we know it; not just for the present moment, but permanently as we move into the future. No one knows exactly what our society’s “new normal” will look like, but one thing is for certain – the pre-pandemic way of life is going to look a lot different moving forward.  


While COVID-19 has gravely affected our healthcare and economic systems globally, we have seen the resilience of humanity time and time again throughout history. This time, we should expect no different. With many Western societies currently releasing data showing flattening curves, and governments releasing plans for what the reopening of economies will look like, it is safe to assume things are looking up.


While things are starting to become more optimistic, business owners are still left with a great deal of uncertainty and doubt as we slowly move to reopen the economy. Specifically, how to make up for financial losses and how to adjust their businesses to attract clients in an increasingly digital world. For some businesses this may be easier than others. However, in a world where social distancing will be a requirement, businesses will need to innovate and disrupt or potentially face being left behind. Having a resource to help you with your digital marketing needs will be as important as ever, as our workforce and clientele move predominantly into the online space.


At 12 Sparks Media, we have been doing everything possible to help our clients manage their digital media needs during the course of this pandemic. As a digital marketing agency, we have the ability to work remotely, from anywhere at any time. This gives us the opportunity to help our clients in a variety of ways, and to help keep their businesses stable during times of uncertainty. Through a variety of tactics, we have been helping brands stay top of mind with their audience, while also further engaging online users via content creation and communicating effectively to keep all customers updated. 


One example of how 12 Sparks has been advocating for our client’s initiatives throughout this unprecedented time is by supporting after BREAST CANCER’s #StayHealthyFor campaign. This is a social media campaign encouraging the public to post a photo, video or recorded message on their social channels about who they are staying healthy for. By using the hashtag #StayHealthyFor and tagging after BREAST CANCER, you will help in amplifying the message of support to cancer patients and the world at large.


You can find more information on the campaign here:  https://www.afterbreastcancer.ca/stayhealthyfor


At 12 Sparks Media. we take great pride in providing quality digital services, as well as going above and beyond for all of our clientele. We will continue to implement new and advanced techniques to help clients be successful as we move past COVID-19. Although this is an extremely difficult period of time for everyone, together we will overcome this obstacle.