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Best Social Media Management Platforms

Social media can be a larger endeavour than anticipated for small businesses. A lot of time and effort is required to strategically create quality content for your target audience. However, using these platforms has become increasingly important in keeping your brand relevant and top of mind. 

Social media managers everywhere are always looking for ways to save time. That’s where social media management tools come in. Social media scheduling tools are more than just a convenient shortcut to post your content automatically. The right tools help your overall social media management process, improving your efficiency so you have more time to push out great content and develop connections with your followers in real time. Here are our recommendations for platforms that will save you valuable time in your social media endeavours.

  • Sprout Social: Beyond its social media scheduling options, Sprout is an awesome tool for collaboration with team members. User-level permissions provide specific access to marketing managers, writers and everyone in between. Their calendar gives you an overview of each post going out on each specific day. Sprout also provides a social media analytics and trend report to provide insights on how you can grow your following. Sprout is a great optimization tool for brands looking to fine-tune their social presence in addition to scheduling content.
  • Later: Later has the distinction of being an official partner of Instagram. The platform allows for true automated publishing on single-photo posts alongside the traditional text notification option which was originally the industry standard. Later is an ideal option for brands specifically working with visual content and focusing heavily on growing their Instagram presence. Later provides real-time post previews, hashtag curation and basic analytics to help brands save time publishing to Instagram. They also offer scheduling options for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Hootsuite: Hootsuite is arguably the most popular social media management app. It’s well known for supporting lots of different platforms and offering a wide range of settings and features. You can monitor and post to several networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. With its built-in custom analytics system, the ability to monitor selected keywords and the option to conveniently schedule posts whenever you want, HootSuite provides a great management solution with free and pro plans available.