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3 Google Ad Tips

Here are three Google advertising tips that you can use to better optimize your campaigns and improve your results, no matter what your current goals are.

Cut Duplicate Keywords

A key word with great search volume, high search intent, and a relatively low competition level is tempting to use all the time. However, this can work against you because your campaigns will compete against each other, and this isn’t what you need. It is better to assess which campaign the keyword would be most relevant to and successful in, and use that keyword for that campaign solely.

Use Branded Terms To Increase Quality Score

Your quality score can directly affect your success on the platform as quality score affects your ad rank. A large portion of your quality score is based around your campaign and landing page matching up with your ads and targeted keywords. Targeting branded terms, including keywords with your own brand, is a great way to get a high quality score quickly.

Keep Keyword Groups Tight

Some think that you should pack a single campaign with as many relevant keywords as possible. This can end up working against you when it comes to Google Ads, quality beats quantity when it comes to keywords. It doesn’t matter how many placements your ad gets if the clicks are not coming along with it, due to the ad not being relevant. Focus on generating quality traffic that converts rather than attempting to attain as many clicks as possible from users with much less intent.