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3 Facebook Ad Tips

Here are three Facebook advertising tips that you can use to better optimize your campaigns and improve your results, no matter what your current goals are.

Take Advantage of Retargeting

In general, retargeting campaigns have higher conversion rates and lower CPCs. Familiarity will make a customer more willing to click on an ad to see what you have to offer and more likely to convert.

Facebook’s retargeting abilities let you target based in two ways:

  • People who are on a list that you’ve uploaded such as past customers, email subscribers or blog subscribers.
  • People who have recently interacted with your business in some way. Whether that is, taking an action on your site, or watching a certain percentage of a video on a platform.

Create Multiple Sets of Ad Copy

Even slight changes in copy can make the world of difference in your CPC costs. Have multiple sets of ad copy that is slightly different and see what gives you the best results. Include several headlines and several ad texts that work cohesively together, focused on an individual message, emotional appeal or pain point.

Focus On Mobile Content First

Content consumption via mobile is constantly increasing. Content you create for a desktop may not have the same effect when carried over to mobile, however, content that is created for mobile often carries over to desktop seamlessly. Ensure that your content follows the best practices for mobile, increasing the likelihood that people will interact with it.